Gospel Light Baptist Church

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I wear?

A. Modest apparel. Remember, we are gathering to worship our Lord and Creator. Some people wear a suit and tie, and others wear jeans and a polo shirt. We want you to feel comfortable, and make us your Church home.

Q. What should I expect of a typical Sunday morning worship service?

A. We typically start our services by singing a few hymns, then we take a few minutes to go around and fellowship with our friends and visitors. Then we usually sing another hymn or two before we take up an offering, which is sometimes followed by special music. After that, our Pastor or special guest will usually deliver the message. An altar call will typically follow the message.

Q. Am I expected to sing hymns with the congregation?

A. Only if you want to. There are very few of us (if any) who could be considered professional, so if you can't carry a tune in a bucket, you'll be in good company. However, when we sing praises to the Lord, we strive to "Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise". Psalm 98:4

Q. Do I have to walk around and visit with everyone?

A. Only if you want to. We are all God's children and we just want you to to feel welcome.

Q. Am I expected to put money in the plate as it is passed around during the offering?

A. No. We provide an opportunity for our members (or anyone) to give their tithes and offering for the Lord's work. No one will pressure you or expect you to give anything, and if you do, no one will be impressed or depressed by the amount you give. This is our opportunity to give back to the Lord, not a contest.

Q. What version of the Bible does the Pastor use?

A. We use the King James Version of the Bible. We have very specific reasons and they are beyond the scope of this FAQ, but to sum it up, we believe the King James Version of the Bible is the inspired Word of God and was faithfully translated from the original texts.

Q. Will I be expected to participate in the altar call?

A. Only if you feel like you are being led by the Holy Spirit. The altar is a special place to spend time talking to God, to begin your relationship or strengthen your fellowship with God.