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05-04-2014pm"With God's Calling, Comes God's Enabling"
05-04-2014am"That is a Good Question"
04-27-2014pm"The Principles of Galatians"
04-27-2014am"The Path to Sin"
04-20-2014pm"My Redeemer Lives!"
04-20-2014am"Lordship, Leadership and Love"
04-13-2014am"Message by Bro. Sneather"
04-06-2014am"Do You KNOW?"
04-06-2014pm"Personal Revival"
03-30-2014pm"The Very Hand of God"
03-30-2014am"The Poor Have the Gospel - Bro. Jerald Cantory"
03-23-2014pm"How is Your Heart?"
03-23-2014am"Will You Commit?"
03-16-2014pm"A Problem With Pride"
03-16-2014am"DC Trip & What Can the Righteous Do"
03-09-2014pm"The World is Well - Bro. Dennis Davis"
03-09-2014am"Back to the God of Israel"
03-02-2014pm"Point Them to the Saviour"
03-02-2014am"What Do You Do Now?"
02-16-2014pm"You Have a God"
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*File Name = Month-Day-Year then ss=Sunday School am=Morning Worship pm=Evening Worship sm=Special Music and ppt=Power Point Presentation.